Aluminium window respray are a popular choice for homeowners looking to change the appearance of their homes. The reasons for this include the fact that they are cheap to buy, relatively easy to install and very durable. However, there is more to it than just these advantages, because you need to know how to paint with it so that your home looks good from the outside as well as the inside. There is a technique in using acrylic paints which will help to give your aluminium windowpanels a much richer look, both when you see them in your house and also once they are on the wall. Once you learn this type of painting, you will find that choosing the colour is not too difficult at all and you can create some truly unusual designs for your home.


You should start off by removing any stickers from the original paint, if there are any. You should then make sure that all of the trim has been removed, including the ones around window edges and the frames themselves. Once you have done this, you should wipe down the surface of the panel with a cloth in order to remove any dirt or loose paint before you begin painting. Once you have done this, you should check the surface carefully to ensure that there are no signs of streaks or else you will end up getting a patch that does not go well with the rest of the room.


Once you have done this, you should first wet the panel with water, while you lay another panel over the first. Once you have done this, you should then move onto the next part of the panel and do the same thing there. This way you will get a uniform and even covering for your aluminium window. When you have finished, you should always check the surface of the panel and ensure that it looks good before you apply the final layer of paint, which is an excellent idea in the summer when you want to make sure that the sun does not cause damage to your home.

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