Instant pore minimiser, also known as poreshadow, are specially designed to help make your pores appear smaller instantly for a more even, smooth complexion during the daytime. They are often creamy or white in colour, making them blend nicely with any foundation used. Most often, they can have a matte finishing, and can even make a good foundation for longer wear, making it last longer.


Most pores are small holes on the surface of the skin; these pores become clogged with dead skin cells and oil, creating tiny whiteheads and blackheads. A tea tree oil pore minimiser, such as Clinique’s Pore Refiner, is designed to open up these tiny pores so that your face has more even skin color throughout the day; it also keeps dirt and makeup particles from clogging up your pores further. The majority of these products are creamy; some may even contain added vitamins and minerals to help your skin stay supple. However, it’s important to use a minimal amount of any product containing tea tree oil, as this can be very drying. Another option is to purchase a scrub with an exfoliating ingredient in it. Scrubs with salicylic acid, for instance, can help remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of unsightly pimples and blackheads.


One of the most popular and affordable pore minimiser products, Clinque’s Secret Pore Reducing Eye Mask contains salicylic acid, witch hazel, and tea tree oil. This cream gently treats those swollen, puffy eyes, reducing the appearance of bags and dark circles underneath the eyes. It also makes your skin appear firmer, smoother, and less wrinkled overall. To use the product, simply apply it to your eye area, using circular movements to spread the product around your eyes. It leaves a lightweight feeling on your face, which helps reduce wrinkles and redness, while preventing new bags from forming.

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