Global Talent Stream (GST) is one among the two streams of Canada’s Temporary Foreign worker Program (TFP). It is also known as the Canada-Australia Global Skills Exchange. It is basically a pilot program which was established to assist Canadian employers and businesses in utilizing highly-trained foreign professionals with the aim of boosting innovation, productivity, as well as in retaining the most skilled workers from both countries. The program is also meant to address the needs of both sides by allowing each group the same potential without having to compete for the same talent. The main goal is to create a situation wherein both sides benefit from the exchange program. This link –

Here Is A Method That Is Helping Global Talent Stream Canada

The government of Canada has designed and introduced Global Talent Stream as a mandatory benefit for all employers with the intention of reducing the cost of bringing in temporary foreign workers to Canada. As per the regulations, temporary foreign workers who have been accepted into the Canada can no longer be used as a source of labor in another country if the employer does not provide them with the said benefit. The said benefit includes things such as healthcare benefits, social services benefits, and even the regular social security card. This is why Global Talent Stream was implemented as a mandatory benefit for all employers in order to make them eligible for the programs offered by the Government of Canada. It was also necessary to implement this program because it is one of the ways of bringing down the overall cost of hiring temporary foreign workers in Canada.

The GST is not really a perfect program because it only targets employers who need to fill in the gaps in their work force by hiring temporary foreign workers. It does not target the illegal employment of any person that would result in the over-flow of immigration into the country. Also, as per the laws of Canada, employers should first apply for an immigrant worker registration before they can hire any worker. However, many illegal entries into the country have occurred due to the absence of the employment permits for the over-stayers. Furthermore, the GST only targets employers who need to employ workers in the areas in Canada where there is an increased demand for the kind of work being done. For example, although there is an increased demand for nurses in British Columbia, there is no requirement for employers to hire them to work in Ontario unless they have a work permit.

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