A headstone, gravestone, or burial stone is simply a monument or stele, usually stone, which is placed upon a grave. In its most basic form, it is simply a flat stone put on top of a grave. Headstones and gravestones are typically laid in front of the deceased person’s family and friends. It is common for graves to be marked by headstones or gravestones. These monuments mark the place where a loved one has been laid to rest. They are typically put into place by those who hold a special place in a family, community, or society.

Common Types of Headstones

Some types of headstone are kept at rest in the ground in order to blend in with its surroundings. However, there are those that are considered not only to mark the location of where the deceased person once stood but also for additional personal reasons. Perhaps the deceased enjoyed a favorite sport or hobby, and a headstone is built to honor his or her life achievements in that area. Headstones are also built as a way to remember a family member or friend who has passed on.

There are some very common types of headstones. For example, if the deceased was a World War II vet, a U.S. army soldier, a police officer, or a member of the clergy, a grave marker that states: “In Loving Memory” is placed upon the grave. Another type of headstone that is common is one that simply states: “In Loving Memory.” However, it is also possible to find a variety of other phrases on these monuments. You can search online for more information regarding headstone sayings. Generally, the more descriptive the inscription on the headstone or grave marker the better.

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