Gigabit Wireless is simply the codename given to new wireless networking systems whose data transmission speeds surpass or even exceed a gigabit per second. Such speeds are reached using complex mathematical modulations of the electromagnetic signal, for instance quadrature amplitude modulation, which uses a single frequency as the carrier of one signal. In order for such high transfer rates to be achieved, however, various technological enablers must be present in the network such as routers, switches, and integrated wireless access points. As you might guess from the name itself, however, this high-speed form of transmission requires either the presence of routers or switches or the use of Wi-Fi hot spots.

Gigabit Wireless.

gigabit wireless


With the advent of the latest technology available in the market for gigabit wireless networking, you can now take advantage of even faster internet speeds than what your computer can currently handle. The sheer number of available options in the market today makes it very hard for a user to choose the right equipment that is just right for his or her needs. Thankfully, there are several leading companies that have already made it their business to provide customers the best possible products at an affordable price. With these products in your hand, you can experience immediate, convenient and affordable internet services right away.

If you are looking for a wireless internet service provider, try searching for one that offers unlimited nationwide plans with the fastest download speeds available. These companies include Verizon FiOS in several parts of the country along with AT&T U-verse in the rest. You can opt for a wireless internet plan that allows you to expand your area coverage to cover all of the areas that you need to connect to the web. This would obviously work best for those who want to use the internet in more areas.

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