transfer stickers

Getting Started with Sticker Packs

Custom vinyl transfer stickers | Vinyl Status  are a type of sticker that has multiple, individual components that need to stay together when applied to a window or other surface. They use a paper backing, vinyl sticker and transfer tape to hold the cut pieces in place.

Unlike decals which are designed to be used outdoors, transfer stickers are perfect for indoor applications such as glass and metal surfaces. Their simple die-cut design makes it easy to keep your message clean and clutter free, while still providing a professional, high-quality finish.

Creative Ideas for Using Transfer Stickers in Your Home Decor

Exact Cut Vinyl Decals

Designed for maximum precision, these custom die-cut vinyl transfer decals are made right here in the USA with high quality, adhesive backed vinyl that’s shipped with transfer tape to ensure flawless installation on your desired surface. They’re available in a variety of colors and can be positioned however you like for the perfect fit.

Clear Transfer Tape

Apply transfer stickers to smooth, dry surfaces using our clear transfer tape. Simply peel off the tape from the backing, position the sticker, and press down. You can even use a squeegee or credit card to add pressure and minimize bubbles during the application process.

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