Kundalini Yoga and the Chandras

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Kundalini Yoga and the Chandras

Kundalini Yoga derives from kundalini, described in ancient Vedic culture as an immense energy that exists at the base of the spinal column until it’s activated and directed up through the various chakras at the process of ultimate spiritual evolution. Many modern-day followers of Kundalini Yoga view it as something more along the lines of a spiritual life style or even a religious practice. This is understandable considering the universal message of this amazing force. It’s certainly not a matter of simple science; rather it’s about the study and comprehension of an esoteric part of ourselves which connects directly to the soul and life’s purpose on our planet. The ancient texts speak of Kundalini as the coiled serpent, the carrier of the soul’s seed, the spark of life which burns brightly whenever the Kundalini shakti rises to ascend up to the Godhead. Its awakening is said to occur at a specific time in each person’s existence.


In practice, kundalini yoga incorporates breathing exercises, meditation, visualization and meditation in order to activate and purify this vast reservoir of energy. It’s believed that the activity of chanting while doing kundalini yoga brings the awareness of God closer to practitioners in order for them to perceive the spiritual power at work in their bodies. This, proponents believe, will enable the practitioner to use the power of God much more effectively. It’s also said that repeating the word God’s name in a meditative state will result in the activation of a higher level of awareness beyond ordinary human perception. Those who have experienced this feel they’ve been lifted several notches on the spiritual Ladder of Truth.


The rising of kundalini energy and the union of your body, mind and spirit with God are very spiritual experiences. It’s important to note, however, that the practice of chakra cleansing and/or kundalini yoga should be undertaken in the utmost tranquility and care. Chanting and focusing the word God’s name in a mind-centered way is not recommended during this time. Anyone experiencing the rising of chakras and the union of their soul, body and mind with God should seek the guidance of a spiritual teacher before plunging into this complex and potentially confusing practice.

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