Close Protection Security For Businesses and Private Individuals

Close protection security (CPS) is an offer of physical safety by an individual who has obtained specialized training in techniques which would allow him to render protection close to his subject. In layman’s terms close protection security is an act of guarding an individual or persons against assault, assassination or any other form of harm. The term close protection security was made popular in the late 80s by David Schipper, who wrote the book Protect Your Family With Close Protection Security (ppt Dos). The main feature of close protection security is the fact that an agent is rendered almost anonymous during his surveillance of the target. This is achieved by the use of a number of tactics and techniques of disorientation and psychological effect. Another term used for close protection security is situational awareness, which is an ability to respond quickly to an attacker’s provocation with overwhelming force, thereby allowing agents to take cover and defend themselves. Click Here – | close protection security

Private Security Services Provides Close Protection Security

When discussing pre-emptive security, it is important to define what pre-emptive security means. It is the ability to detect and prevent an imminent attack against you or your property. Agents deployed as close protection security are tasked to do exactly this. In addition, bodyguards in a security agency are not allowed to take the life of a terrorist suspect or enemy agent until they have given a full report of the situation to the authorities, which is done by a system of bodyguard protocol, agreed between the bodyguard and the suspect, which allow the bodyguard to see the person’s face and determine if he or she poses a real threat.

As the owner of a business organization or a private individual, you cannot possibly expect the guards employed to protect you to provide you with complete security. Hence, it is important that you seek a qualified close protection security officer who can ensure that all your personnel are properly trained and equipped. With the help of a professional, close protection security consultant, you can get all the help you need to ensure that your close protection agents are well-trained and well-equipped to provide total security.