Roman Candle War Dangers

roman candle war

You know it’s dangerous and can lead to a lot of chaos. But what exactly is a Roman candle war, and why is it so dangerous? First, it’s not legal. While you can light them up anywhere, it’s incredibly dangerous to fire them directly at other people. And once you start firing, you can’t stop – they become bullets. Then there’s that Brooklyn woman who was caught on camera firing a Roman candle in the middle of an intersection. As the sparks bounce off walls, crowds of pedestrians run for cover, and oncoming traffic narrowly misses her. Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt or killed, but the video went viral.

If You Have Ever Witnessed a Roman Candle War

A Roman candle war can be dangerous and can cause more than 400 injuries. Even worse, some Roman candles are extremely dangerous for children. One incident in which a young bystander lost an eye due to a roman candle was a case of faulty packaging. A roman candle war can lead to assault charges, as well as a personal injury lawsuit. For this reason, it’s vital that you follow the proper safety guidelines before participating in a roman candle war.

One of the most popular ways to celebrate the Fourth of July is to use Roman candles. While they may look dangerous, they are a fun way to burn people. Some even shoot them in the air for amusement! In fact, there are some guys who were burned after an epic Roman candle war, and some even got burned badly. To save your friends from getting hurt, it’s a good idea to practice with a roman candle first before setting it off in a crowded space.

Tattoo Parlour – How to Find a Tattoo Parlour in Melbourne

It’s almost impossible to find a tattoo parlour Melbourne without trying them out yourself. This is due to how busy your schedule is and the many other things in life that often come up. So, have looked into the parlour’s in and around Melbourne based on the following criteria and identified twelve parlour tattoo shops that you can check out. Here’s how you do it.

Best Tattoo Parlour Melbourne

tattoo parlour melbourne


The first step to finding a tattoo parlour in Melbourne is to ask around. Talk to people you know who might know of a tattoo shop that’s in their vicinity. Or, if you’re not so sociable, find out from your local community members. There’s no reason why you can’t start by looking through your local newspapers or online magazines for local tattoo shops that are open or recently opened up. Don’t just limit yourself to the local listings though as there’s bound to be a few more online than in print. But, if you don’t find any online, try asking a local artist at your local tattoo studio.


Once you’ve got your list narrowed down, then you can start your internet search. Most websites these days provide a sort of directory that allows tattoo parlour locations to be listed. By searching the web for ‘Melbourne tattoo shop’, you should be able to get plenty of results based on various criteria, such as proximity to the location, reputation, number of years in business, number of tattoos on display, what kinds of designs they carry and how they take your custom design. So, while you may have to look outside of town to find the right tattoo parlor, you will definitely find the one you want.