avaulta vaginal mesh complications

There are a number of complications associated with Avaulta vaginal mesh surgery. These include severe pain, erosion, perforation of the bladder or bowel, and infection. In some cases, these problems recur. The FDA has reported the occurrence of more than 1,000 women experiencing complications associated with this procedure. It has issued warning statements to doctors to be aware of the risks and complications. Click Here – https://www.classactionlawyertn.com/avaulta-mesh.html

Complications Associated With Avaulta Vaginal Mesh Surgery

As a result of a recent warning issued by the FDA, patients who have had Avaulta vaginal mesh surgery are encouraged to seek alternative treatment methods. While the FDA issued this public health notification in 2008, the number of adverse events reported has continued to rise. According to the FDA, patients should consider other surgical options first, because more than half of TVM patients will experience a recurrence of pelvic organ prolapse and complications during sex.

While Avaulta vaginal mesh is an alternative treatment option for stress urinary incontinence, there have been complications associated with this procedure. These complications are similar to those associated with other transvaginal mesh devices. The procedure can be painful, and patients should seek alternative treatment if they experience pain, infection, or bowel perforation.

Another common complication associated with Avaulta vaginal mesh is bleeding. Patients may experience painful or bloody vaginal bleeding. In some instances, the mesh may even perforate the vaginal wall, causing perforation. This could be a serious problem and could result in permanent medical complications.

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