Physio Ashburton services include assessment, initial evaluation and referral of patients with musculoskeletal or sports injuries. The physio assesses the injured person with the help of proper diagnostic techniques and with the help of specific therapeutic exercises to restore normal function in the body. Initial evaluation of a patient includes a physical examination, x-rays and MRI tests. Next step is the manual muscle testing and electro-therapy tests. If the initial evaluation of a patient confirms a sporting or other injury related with inflammation and soreness of muscles, then physiotherapy is suggested by the physio. Soreness of muscles may indicate serious injuries which can lead to permanent joint damage or the paralysis of part of the body.

physio ashburton


Revolutionize Your Physio Ashburton With These Easy-peasy Tips

In order to treat sports-related injuries, Ashburton PTH is used to stimulate the production of human growth hormone (HGH). Injuries treat with ice, rest, elevation, compression and elevation to reduce pain, swelling and enable the injured part of the body to heal. Massage therapy, ultrasound, heat, laser, chiropractic and massage are some of the modern treatments to get quick relief. Physiotherapy helps in physiotherapy.

A good physiotherapist will use different methods to treat different kinds of injuries. The main advantage of using physiotherapy is that it not only heals the injury but also prevents any further injury. The main disadvantages of a physiotherapist are that it involves complex techniques and is expensive. Ashburton PTH is a less invasive treatment option for sports injuries apart from using ice packs.

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