Arborist Drouin is a living example of the perfect bonsai tree. He started his career as a tree cutter, going on to become one of the best-known arborists in France and England, known for his cutting styles. During his career, he learned to bonsai from the master Rembrandt, so much so that Drouin was sometimes referred to as Rembrand’s assistant. When he left his native country to settle in England, he created an apprentice system whereby aspiring apprentices were taught by him until they could complete their own apprenticeship. Drouin worked diligently on his skills and became one of the best-known arborists, although his apprenticeships ended abruptly when his master found out that he was working with the Japanese in Japan and requested him to remove himself from the society of his masters.

How to Know About Arborist Drouin

Arborist Drouin

Drouin continued to create new and unique bonsai trees for a number of years until he retired from bonsai practice due to ill health. He left his trademark green thumb attached to his diseased finger. For some time he concentrated his efforts on developing a highly innovative style of shaping trees, which was to become recognized as the “Druid” style. This style would remain popular up until the end of the twentieth century. Though he never enjoyed much success with his bonsai trees, he did continue to create new shapes and designs that helped to distinguish him from other arborists.

Some of the most famous trees that bear his name are the ‘Starry Nightingale’, ‘Starbright’, ‘Gemstone’, ‘Deckard’, and the ‘Orchid’. All of these trees bear witness to his exceptional art and craft, not only do they have bonsai trees, but also beautiful shrubs and plants. Many of his bonsai trees are still standing today, and some can be seen at prominent bonsai exhibitions around the world.

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