Garden Room Company Planning

“We have completely re-designed and re-spaced our entire Garden Room collection to better reflect the needs of today’s family.” This statement is the official description from a company spokesperson regarding the company’s current range of garden rooms. What’s more, this announcement comes just a week before the company’s 50th anniversary – an occasion which has been called “A celebration of renewal”. Given these circumstances, it is not unexpected that the Garden Room brand is re-designing its range to continue attracting new customers whilst maintaining its high quality. The Garden Room Company’s leading brand status is perhaps one reason why this renewal has occurred but certainly not the only one. With the brand’s traditional designs and range still attracting a large number of customers, the re-designing of the Garden Room Company’s portfolio will hopefully result in further positive developments. Useful website

Planning Permission – Build Your Dream Garden Room

Whilst the re-designing of the garden office buildings has been primarily confined to the main house, the re-branding of other parts of the Garden Room Collection will hopefully enable other companies’ Garden Rooms to benefit from the company’s experience and high standard of building construction. For example, if the main house is undergoing refurbishment, the garden offices could be re-designed to match the renovation style, or if the refurbishment is purely for the sake of resale, the garden offices could be modernized and designed to sell. Recruitment for garden office jobs is difficult at the moment but it may well become more open once the weather conditions in winter start to affect the garden office market.

In terms of designing the buildings themselves, the Garden Room Company has made good use of some of the best garden rooms in Dorset that do not require planning permission to be built in. One of these properties is located so near the main house that planning permission is unnecessary. Another property is located so close to the town center that planning permission is unnecessary. In fact the Planning Inspector had also approved the development of the properties in spring 2021. If planning permission can be granted for one of the garden rooms then perhaps a Garden Room Company can re-design the other garden rooms to match their design sense and use some of the better garden rooms that they already have on their list.